Stop and Smell the Zinc


There a moments in life where the combination of a cold beer, a balmy autumn day and a reflective mood create the perfect mix.

My sister in-law, her husband and I shared this last autumn and what resulted was the smallest project I have ever done, yet very rewarding.

We were always told at University NEVER to work for family OR lawyers…this was logically the ‘perfect storm’ – as both are lawyers!

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Now they are in the ‘crosshairs’…


I still have a bit to say about ‘volume builders’. My last post covered some ground but ‘now they are in the crosshairs’ it is definitely time to go further.

So the McDonalds ‘meal deal’ of construction seems attractive to you? – You have been lured by the low-ish numbers and the marketing BUT are you prepared for the compromises?

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Us Versus Them!


My neighbour is just completing a ‘project home’ by one of the very well known ‘volume builders’. It has been interesting following the progress of his new home which is only a few doors up. I can’t help but provide my thoughts to him and his wife about aspects of the design, methods of construction and finish. That’s ok to them (I hope) as they have always been comfortable with the overall (relatively low) cost of the product they purchased and from the beginning they have accepted that it comes with obvious compromises.

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