DESIGN is not skin deep!


What is DESIGN?

Well one thing is for sure it’s not what you see on TV’s reality renovation shows; which is essentially ‘decoration’ of a building shell.

No, true Architectural Design is complex, innovative and fluid problem solving.

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You want a what? You’re kidding?


It doesn’t happen very often but it happens often enough. Each time it does happen I find it astounding! I’m talking about the decision to go with a drafting service instead of an architect.

My most recent experience was from a phone enquiry regarding a house in an established Melbourne suburb.

They had recently spent ‘over $2.5million’ on purchasing a superb red brick Federation unrenovated house on a large north facing site.

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I want a ‘green’ Architect!

A few years back I was one of a few architects that had been selected by a potential client for a new house in the Dandenong hills.

After an exhaustive selection process he contacted me to say they had decided to go with a ‘green’ architect! I wished him all the best with their project.


After I put down the phone I was annoyed that there were architects that were marketing themselves (successfully) as specifically ‘environmentally focused’.

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