Stop and Smell the Zinc


There a moments in life where the combination of a cold beer, a balmy autumn day and a reflective mood create the perfect mix.

My sister in-law, her husband and I shared this last autumn and what resulted was the smallest project I have ever done, yet very rewarding.

We were always told at University NEVER to work for family OR lawyers…this was logically the ‘perfect storm’ – as both are lawyers!


As we sat outside, beer in hand, the frustrations of the existing ill-conceived three sets of barely operable west facing french doors came percolating to the top of their ‘projects’. At the start of that beer they were relatives – by the end they became ‘clients’.

By the end of the second beer we had a design; and we didn’t need a third beer to resolve the cladding material. The sheer mention of ZINC sent my ‘brother-in-law’ into an excitable spin!


We co-ordinated the project construction during the week they went on holiday. And interestingly they didn’t want progress photos provided. They wanted the before and after WOW.


Technically the design included an angled ‘shroud’ clad in superbly crafted French Zinc.

This shroud continued past the 6m wide x 2.8m high aluminium stacker slider doors and into the room interior by a hand span; to blur the lines between inside and outside as well as creating a dramatic ‘frame’ to enhance the aspect.


What a joy it was taking these finished photos last night…drinking my beer, watching their children flow seamlessly across the threshold – dreaming of the balmy spring and summer ahead.

As their children get older hopefully they will appreciate dad’s wonder with ZINC…I certainly do.