Now they are in the ‘crosshairs’…


I still have a bit to say about ‘volume builders’. My last post covered some ground but ‘now they are in the crosshairs’ it is definitely time to go further.

So the McDonalds ‘meal deal’ of construction seems attractive to you? – You have been lured by the low-ish numbers and the marketing BUT are you prepared for the compromises?

So many come to mind so where do I start? Well what about the Town Planning Stage (check with your council if this is required).

A complex process requiring a site and context responsive design. But that is not what you get with your home ‘selection’ (see image below). You are getting (an adaptation of) a generic ‘off the shelf’ product. Good luck in convincing council and your neighbours that it has been specifically and sensitively designed for YOUR site! Maybe VCAT will be more sympathetic…doubt it!

project home

If you are lucky enough not to need a Town Planning Permit then open your eyes to some other compromises.

Were you hoping your new home would have an awareness of your local climate…sensitive to orientation to maximize your homes efficiency? Dong. You may end up with your service areas facing the lovely winter sun. Maybe you can pull up a chair in the laundry on a nice sunny winter’s day to get some natural warmth while your heater busts its guts to heat the south facing living spaces.

Or in peak summer just pump up the air conditioner to compensate for the heat belting through those west facing windows with no sun shading…just watch out for bill shock!

bill shocksuburbia

Oh and nowadays we must have that ‘indoor/outdoor’ feel. That seamless integration of interiors to outdoor living to landscape.

Well don’t assume your volume builder is going to customise your experience across the threshold. No way; once you are out of those basic quality sliding doors (and I hope they are still working in a few years) it’s up to you.

Oh well you saved some money by purchasing a standard building…maybe you can pile those savings into some ‘compensation landscaping’. That’s the landscaping you have to try and rectify the design inadequacies.

Wow our neighbours can really see straight into my living areas! Let’s plant some trees and in a few years we may be able to sit outside in relative privacy.

close call

I could go on (I still have another 8 on my list) but let’s finish on a smart design note (and I definitely need it after all that negative stuff) …I have been reading the blog for a while. Well worth a look.

Its catchphrase is Design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy.

Adapting that to this post: Invest in great design for your home and you will be wealthier, healthier and happier with less stuff, space and energy!

A few examples below from their website.

Feel free to give me a call if you want to chat about how you can invest in great design for your home

moscow 1 moscow 2

*20sqm multi-purpose room in Moscow by INT2 Architecture


*Life Edited Apartment (check out the YouTube video and prepare to be amazed!)