Ho Ho Ho Reflections


Ho Ho Ho and welcome to the end of the year!

Yes I know the attention span at this time of year is very limited and what we are all generally short of is TIME.

So I will make this short and intentionally lightweight.

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End of an Era…

Kilora Grices Road Berwick aerial

Well it is a sad day. After over 22 years of private practice it seems too soon…and it came unexpectedly and without fanfare.

One of my early designs has been demolished!

Well to be fair it wasn’t a complete demolition; more of a deconstruction…

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The 3D Ride to Reality


As a child I personally found it very annoying when friends of my parents I may not have seen for a while would say to me “haven’t you grown!” Well “yes”…most people do…

No this is not a retrospective journey into my past – it is a quick journey into archi-tech(nology) and WOW “how it has grown”!

So put on your ‘Oculus’ and embrace the future!

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