Don’t wait until you have purchased the wrong house or site to get in touch!

I have assisted many of my clients purchase the right place. So many aspects are important and a number of those are only visible to an architect.

What is the impact of a specific overlays?  Soil conditions?  Adjoining buildings?  Zoning? Significant trees?  Car access?  Infrastructure?

For multi-residential projects I also provide a feasibility service to ensure you are making the right decision.


If you have received an advertising notice in the mail give me a call!
What affect does your neighbour’s application have on your property? How do you put together a strong detailed objection with supporting arguments related to the governing codes? I’ll do it for you.

It is done on an hourly rate and typically only takes a few hours and may make a huge difference in the value of your property.


This gives you a brief overview of what I do for most projects. It is obviously not comprehensive.

  • PRE-DESIGN STAGE | Very important stage including such items as establishing the budget and brief; documenting existing conditions and determining, with consultants, some critical aspects of the project that determine the design approach.


  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN + TOWN PLANNING STAGE | This stage includes: exploring design concepts; 3D interior and exterior presentations; Town Planning documentation (including materials and finishes) and consultants’ involvement such as a Quantity Surveyor, Geotechnical Engineer, Energy Rater and Land Surveyor.  My experience in guiding you through the complex and unpredictable town planning process is not only valuable peace of mind but could also save you substantial time and money.


  • BUILDING PERMIT + DOCUMENTATION STAGE | Now we have our Town Planning Permit it’s time to prepare detailed documentation to obtain a Building Permit and put the project out to tender to get the best builder at the best price.The documentation will be many A1 drawings, A3 schedules and written specifications, consultant’s final documents, and a fair amount of client assistance in selecting materials, fixtures and finishes.


  • CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION | Once we have the right builder after the tender process it’s time to create. My involvement during this stage is fundamental to the success of the project in both quality and cost control – and ensures you enjoy it as much as I do!