Edge of Tomorrow


As it’s my first blog for my new website I thought I would go in an alternate direction by NOT talking about architecture.

My cousin, Kick Gurry, is in a movie just being released called Edge of Tomorrow…it stars Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise. And no this is not a promo for him (or the film). A couple of years ago he wrote, directed and starred in a short film which was set in one of my projects, the Binnie House.

The film is called Happily Never After and also stars the multi-talented Chelsea Wheatly.

It came about from discussions we had about different ways to promote projects and between us we thought ‘why not a short film?’

The story is not only set IN the house, but more importantly ABOUT living, about memories (possibly past or future) and about chance meetings. It was rewarding working on another creative medium.

Click on the film to watch. Only goes for a few minutes. I’m interested in what you think!