Lambeth Cousin

BREAKING NEWS! Winner of the City of Port Phillip 2022 Design + Development Awards – New Houses!! & the Pool/Spa won a Gold Medal Award in the SPASA (Vic) Awards 2021! 

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Not often does an architect get the opportunity to build a new house next door to one he designed 16 years ago! My client, who had lived in Hong Kong for 8 years, wanted a new house for his family to relocate back to their hometown in this heritage streetscape.

A compact site in inner urban Melbourne with an eclectic mix of demographics and a wonderful sense of community. The concept is noted by a concrete green roof, to contribute to relatively light street vegetation, and an angled and canted UNICOTE metal clad facade. We also focused on creating a semi-public front courtyard that would promote the informal street interaction my clients enjoyed so much. The design of the angled wall/roof, on the south side, has distinct and intentional references to its neighbour and the first floor north facing highlight windows bring welcome natural light and winter sun in.

The raised pool/spa (by Laguna Pools) eliminates the pool fence directly in front of the outdoor undercover area by the use of a ‘dry trench’. The pool/spa was part of the design process (designed with Mark Stolz at Sketch.Pt Landscape Architecture) and built by

Photos: 3-6 (+AI): Glen Anderson; Photos 1+2: Sarah-Louise Jackson; Photos 7-11: Urban Angles (Mitch Lyons)